1. Lay Me Down

Tim: Vox, acoustic guitar
Chris: Lead electric guitar, backup vox, cajone, foot stomps, claps, bass
Bobby: Kick drum, stomps, claps
Brent Summerville: Banjo


Lay me down
In Hardin County
Lay me down
That cold cold ground
I'll wait for you
My little darling
Mine earthly plot
Will long be found

I woke that morning
As any other
Heard a sinking, deathly sound
In my darkness
Cried out please save me
Light cast o'er
My solemn brow

What will the people
Think of me
When I'm laid down
Lord, dead and gone
Life that lasted
But a twinkle
Remembering me
Less long

Lord send the angels
Down for me
Hear my humble cry
This life is full of
Pain and sorrow
Felt no more
For I'm to die