The man who will smoke anything is crinkled up inside
The soles of his shoes are worn and his breath he tries to hide
He hasn't seen the light of day since his wife and kids left town
And he's wondering this time how low he'll get till things turn around

The tavern that he prefers keeps the lights low and music loud
Keeping down the things in his mind he prefers and finds profound
To much time spent in the mind take him from here to nowhere
So the man who will smoke anything, his drinking nights abound

After what feels like eternity the man's eyes open wide
He's locked in some cheap motel and the sunlight burns his eyes
Three nights spent pacing back and forth, calling back for more
There's a missing piece of a dusty window blind laid on the floor

He wishes for a pickup truck, he wishes for a job
He thinks about sticking up a place, cause he feels robbed
If life is just a carousel, this one's run its course
He's had enough, it's a quick give up, and then a pistol on the floor